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I Love Acid

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  1. Love and acid. It may have been a lie—­but somehow my stupidity, my innocence, protected me. Maybe it would protect Donny, too. O ne morning, in late September, the smoke is especially bad. I’m wearing a particle mask now, and when I walk to the co-­op I bring one for Donny. But he and the yellow dog have disappeared, as I knew they.
  2. “I Love Acid House” is where dark warehouse and sweaty underground clubs made one of the most influential sounds in music, period. Grab this pack today and time travel back to where dance music revolution started. Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description.
  3. I love acid. I love how it makes me  feel, I love the trip, I love the different reality it takes me to. I love when my friends look at me and laugh because they know how I'm feeling, and they know it feels  great.
  4. Feb 17,  · "I love Acid for the way it makes me move. I love Acid it's the sound you can't improve. I love Acid get inside this nasty groove. I love Acid going round and round and round/5().
  5. I Love Acid. 16K likes. Clubnight & record label that celebrate the sound of the Roland TB Also, posts at am/pm every day from Followers: 17K.
  6. unconditional love + acid. LSD. long distance relationship here, met my bf a couple years ago for the first time and brought acid with me. I had been assaulted the year prior so I had a lot of anxiety issues but I felt so safe. We just cuddled, talked about life and spirituality and listened to a song I made him. It was such a simple but.
  7. Oct 13,  · I Love Acid Lyrics: I love acid, for the way it makes me move / I love acid, it's the sound you can't improve / I love acid, it excites nasty groove / I love acid, acid, acid / I love acid, going.
  8. 29 rows · May 24,  · I Love Acid. Profile: Sub-label of Balkan Vinyl. Each release is limited to .
  9. I Love Acid. They really do, you know. This might be Nehuen’s debut on the obsessed imprint, but he immediately sounds at home here.

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